Experimental Biology 2005
April 2-6, 2005
San Diego, CA

Integrating a Sciences and Engineering Laboratory Program
K. Beth Beason and David Caprette

Our undergraduate laboratory courses in biosciences are a series of modules that are focused on the process of science rather than just providing discipline-specific content. These modules serve as vehicles for the development of scientific skills that promote student interest in research and prepare them for many career options. One set of skills that transcends all disciplines is communication. Students must understand that a vital part of scientific research is the ability to communicate ideas, results, and conclusions effectively. Our advanced laboratory in experimental biosciences requires students to conduct a single seven week project during which they initiate and maintain a research quality notebook, design portions of laboratory protocols, collaborate with several team members, and submit one comprehensive formal research paper. Each activity provides a means for furthering our students' communication skills. This poster presents examples of each major area of communication addressed in this core biosciences laboratory course. (Supported by Undergraduate Biological Sciences Initiative from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute)

Created by B. Beason (bbeason@rice.edu), Rice University, 14 July 2010