2017/18 Courses

Synthetic Biology Lab, BIOC 313 (fall ‘17). Covers topics ranging from molecular biology and modern DNA assembly methods to applications of synthetic biology in fundamental and applied research.  Includes strong emphasis on fundamentals, research methodologies, and identifying new applications for synthetic biology.    

Physical Chemistry for Biosciences, BIOC 352 (fall '17)Covers topics ranging from quantum mechanics and spectroscopic analysis of biological molecules to thermodynamics and kinetic analysis of biological reactions, with an emphasis on fundamentals, research methodologies, and problem solving.    

Molecular Interactions, BIOC 583 (fall '17)Covers biochemical topics, ranging from protein and nucleic acid synthesis, folding, function, and engineering to allostery, dynamics, and degradation with an emphasis on fundamental principles, research methodologies, problem solving, and critical analysis of primary literature.