Positions currently available

Graduate researchers. Positions are available for graduate students interested in joining our group. Students should apply through the Systems, Synthetic, and Physical Biology or Biochemistry and Cell Biology graduate programs. Upon admission, students rotate through three different laboratories before choosing a research group. Students who have additional questions should contact Joff by email (joff@rice.edu).

Post-doctoral scholars. Positions are available for doctoral scholars who are interested in environmental and redox applications of synthetic biology. Researchers should contact Joff by email (joff@rice.edu) and provide in the email: (i) a short description of interests, and (ii) a curriculum vitae. All candidates are also encouraged to apply to the Rice Academy Postdoctoral Fellows Program, which provides a $60k stipend for two years.  

Undergraduate researchers. Positions are open for students with interests ranging from biomolecular engineering to fundamental biochemistry and synthetic biology. Mechanisms are available for students to receive credit through the departments of Biochemistry & Cell Biology (BIOC310BIOC401) and Bioengineering (BIOE401). Interested students should contact Joff by email (joff@rice.edu).

Community college scholars. Positions are open for undergraduates at nearby community colleges who are interested in obtaining their first biological research experience. Interested students should contact Joff by email (joff@rice.edu) and provide in the email: (i) a short description of their interests, (ii) a resume that includes academic preparation, and (iii) a reference from a science instructor.