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Signal transduction through the
T cell receptor

The T cell receptor (TCR) is a complex of integral membrane proteins that participates in the activation of T cells in response to the presentation of antigen.  Specific recognition and binding by the clonotype-specific
a/b heterodimer leads to activation of transcription and commitment of the T cell to CD4+ or CD8+ fate.  This activation involves other subunits of the receptor complex as well as other membrane-associated molecules that couple the extracellular liganding event to downstream signaling pathways such as protein phosphorylation, the release of inositol phosphates and the elevation of intracellular calcium levels.  This discussion of TCR signaling focusses on the involvement of TM domains, rather than on providing a complete overview.

The intracellular portions of the CD3 g, d, e, and z subunits contain copies of a sequence motif termed ITAMs (immunoreceptor tyrosine-based activation motifs).  ITAMs can serve as protein tyrosine kinase substrates and, after phosphorylation, as binding sites for SH2 domains of yet other kinases.  The regulation and mechanism of the recruitment of protein kinases to the activated T cell receptor is being studied intensively; members of both the Syk family (ZAP-70) and Src family (Lck) of kinases are involved in this process.
Interactions between transmembrane domains are important for the function of the TCR.  The TMs of
TCR a and CD3 d appear to form an ion pair that is required for proper assembly and cell-surface expression of the TCR.  Mutagenesis of the CD3 z TM shows that this domain mediates sequence-specific homodimerization as well as heteromeric interactions.  Mutations to the TM domain of TCR b have been shown to abrogate signaling through certain downstream pathways without affecting receptor assembly. 

Lateral associations between TM helices are also involved in transmission of signals from the activated TCR to downstream effector pathways.  Activation of kinases by the phosphatase CD45 appears to be facilitated by CD45-associated protein, which binds kinases with its intracellular domain and CD45 via TM-TM contacts.  Recruitment of phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase to the membrane by pp30 (T cell receptor interacting molecule, TRIM) depends on the phosphorylation of intracellular tyrosines on TRIM. While the basis for the TRIM-TCR interaction is poorly defined at present, the TM of TRIM contributes to its homodimerization.

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