a tool for the analysis of protein-nucleic acid complexes

Entangle is a JAVA program that reads a PDB file containing a nucleic-acid protein complex and gives a listing of interactions that occur at the interface between the nucleic-acid/protein complex. These interactions are then classified into hydrogen bonds, electrostatic, hydrophobic, and Van der Waals. Entangle also recognizes when a stacking interaction occurs between two aromatic residues. In addition to a listing, Entangle allows the user to probe the interface in three-dimensions. For additional information on using the program, go to the Entangle help page. If you're ready to run the program, click below to install Entangle on your PC (sorry no Mac version yet).

Entangle is free to academic users. One-time license fees are required for industrial or for-profit use. Contact Dr. Shamoo for a licensing agreement.

download the entangle installer

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