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Bonnie Bartel
Ralph and Dorothy Looney Professor
Department of

Rice University, MS-140
6100 S. Main Street
Houston, Texas 77005

Research interests
Other lab photos

Back: P. Young, A. Woodward, B. Bartel, Z. Wright, M. Rinaldi, K. Chapell, N. Khalfe
Front: C. Duncan, C. Luk, K. Burks, K. Patel, R. Llinas, Y.T. Kao, K. Gonzalez
Not pictured: M. Passalacqu, C. Ukeje

We use forward and reverse genetic approaches to elucidate peroxisome biogenesis and the functions of plant peroxisomes, conduct genetic analyses of the roles of indole-3-butyric acid and auxin conjugates in auxin homeostasis, and use auxin response mutants to understand hormone signaling and cross-talk.

In the past, we have used functional genomics approaches to uncover the targets and roles of plant microRNAs and to understand how and why plants synthesize diverse triterpenoids.

Bioc 115 - Freshman Seminar in Local Biology (developed with support from the HHMI)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor - 2006-2010


Arabidopsis links:
TAIR (The Arabidopsis Information Resource)
T-DNA Express at the Salk Institute (insertion lines)
American Society of Plant Biologists (Plant Cell, Plant Physiology)