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Other Meetings in Summer 2006

ASM-Orlando May 21-25

IUBMB-Kyoto June 18-23

Pathogenic Clostridia-Nottingham June 21-25

Genetics of Industrial Organisms-Prague June 24-28

FEBS Congress-Istanbul June 24-29

Gordon Conf. Enzymes, Metabolism July 16-21

Anaerobe 2006-Boise July 25-28

SIM-Baltimore July 30-Aug3



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George Bennett


Clostridium IX


The meeting will be held at Rice University, Houston, Texas

May 18-21, 2006

Keck Hall on the Rice Campus

May 18-21, 2006

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Ninth International Workshop on the Regulation of Metabolism, Genetics and Development of the Solvent- and Acid-forming Clostridia

E-mail Contact:

George Bennett

Clostridium IX Organizing Committee  

Hans Blaschek, U. Illinois

J. S. Chen, Virginia Tech

Lee Lynd, Dartmouth

Wilf Mitchell, Heriot Watt

E. T. Papoutsakis, Northwestern

N. Qureshi, USDA